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No hay que ir de farol,
todo lo que necesitas para mechar.

Nuestra misión es hacer que los equipos de tufting sean más accesibles. Todo lo que necesita para sus futuros proyectos en un solo lugar, como hilos, soportes para alfombras, bastidores, bobinadoras de lana, agujas de tufting y pistolas de tufting.

No podemos esperar a ver todas las hermosas alfombras que haces!

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The knowhow

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Tips on tufting

Study our articles to get you started.

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Starting out

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Hand tufting before going all in

Not sure if it’s for you? Start small! 

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Tufting guns

With a tuft gun you can quickly produce your designs into rugs. You can pick the loop gun for a more contemporary look and see more detail, or you can pick the cut loop for a more shaggy look.

These models are the best one’s to start with and we highly recommend them as they are lightweight and super user friendly.

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