maintenance on tufting gun What maintenance does a tufting gun need?

What maintenance does a tufting gun need?

A tufting gun is a powertool that moves at high speed, this creates heat and friction. By keeping the moving parts clean and lubricated you can extend the life cycle of your tufting gun!

Always unplug your tufting gun before doing maintenance to avoid accidentally turning it on. If you hear any sudden noise or unpleasant cracks that disturbs the consistent motor sound, stop and unplug immediately, check and tighten all parts manually.

Brush away dust and yarn

Use a brush to remove any left over yarn after every tufting session. Little bits can get stuck inside the scissor mechanism or block the wheel, jamming the entire gun.

Lubricate moving parts

Keep the moving parts on your tufting gun lubricated, by applying a small drop on all metal parts that move and could create friction.

We recommend lubricating grease like our Eurol sewing oil. All metal moving parts and joints should be lubricated. Do not lubricate any electronic parts like the motor.

Inspect the screws

Inspect your machine regularly, check all screws and bolts. These might get loose due to the vibration and could cause damage if a part comes loose during tufting.

If you have a screw that comes loose frequently, we recommend a special glue called: Loctite 243. This can fix any worn threading and handle vibrations easily. The loctite is available in most hardware stores. In case your screws are worn out, we can also ship you these.

To apply Loctite:
Place the Loctite paste on a piece of paper or cardboard so you can dip the screw,
Unscrew the screw from your tufting gun,
Dip the threading of the screw in the Loctite paste so it covers the threading,
Screw the screw back in the machine,
Let it rest for at least 24 hours.

In the event that you need to disassemble your gun in the future, the Loctite will give with a bit of pressure, it will not be permanent. That only happens with the stronger Loctite 270.

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