cut vs loop Loop Pile Vs Cut Pile Tufting Gun

Loop Pile Vs Cut Pile Tufting Gun

The hardest question when choosing a tufting gun: what pile do i want, Cut Pile vs Loop Pile? Some tufting guns have the option to use both, but most will only support either cut or loop piles. So it’s wise to give it some thought.

It is mostly a personal preference, and depends on what kind of style you want for your rugs.

What is a cut pile?

cut pile Loop Pile Vs Cut Pile Tufting Gun
Cut Pile

Cut pile is the common style of rugs, and has a feel best described as loose or hairy. Cut pile rugs are typically made out of polyester and wool.

A cut pile is created when the string is pushed through the cloth and then cut. When cut, the result is an upright pile and the ends of the fibers are exposed. You can typically adjust the length of the string between 7 and 20 mm on tufting guns.

Cut pile sits loose in your backing cloth, and can be pulled out easily. You therefore have to finish your rugs with carpet glue to make the pile stick.

Cut pile rugs are more fragile, and can not handle heavy foot traffic. It is best used in living rooms without shoes, and not hallways for example.

When using a cut pile tufting gun, the string will always cut when pulling the trigger on your gun. Which helps speed up the creation of rugs when you want to continue on another area of your design.

cut pile example Loop Pile Vs Cut Pile Tufting Gun
Example of a cut pile rug.

What is a loop pile?

loop pile Loop Pile Vs Cut Pile Tufting Gun
Loop Pile

Where cut pile is cut, loop piles are connected to each other. Loop pile rugs are typically made from nylon, wool or olefin.

Loop pile string sits tight on the rug surface making it a good choice if your rug design has a lot of small details. Another advantage for designs is that loop pile is trackless. So a vacuum, walking or rubbing directions will show.

Loop pile rugs are more durable and can handle heavy foot traffic, which makes them an ideal choice for hallways and stairs.

When using a tufting gun, you will need to manually cut the wire with some scissors when you are done with an area. As the string is attached to your tuft gun so that it can continue its loop.

tuft loop pile Loop Pile Vs Cut Pile Tufting Gun
Example of a loop pile rug.

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