Adjusting the size of the hole in the needle

Are you struggling with adjusting the hole size in the needle of your tufting machine? Worry no more! We will walk you through a straightforward method to modify the gap inside the needle to match your tufting needs.

Adjusting the needle hole size on your tufting machine is a simple yet crucial task that can significantly impact your workflow. If the hole is too tight, it will stop the free flow of your yarn. If it is too loose, the yarn will fall out of the needle when you move away from your frame.

Step 1: Preparation Firstly, you’ll need a basic tool – a screwdriver. This will be used to make adjustments to the needle.

Step 2: Loosening the Screw Locate the screw at the top of the needle. You’ll want to unscrew it slightly – remember, the goal is not to remove the screw but to loosen it enough for adjustments. A simple, small twist should suffice.

Step 3: Turning and Adjusting After loosening the screw, turn your tufting machine upside down. This position allows you to better access and view the components you need to adjust.

Step 4: Adjusting the Black Metal Plate Underneath, you’ll notice a black metal plate. This plate’s position affects the size of the hole in the needle. You can move this plate either up or down to change the hole size. Use your screwdriver for better precision. Pushing the plate down will open up the hole more, while pushing it up will close the hole.

Step 5: Customization for Yarn Types The adjustment depends on the type of yarn you are using. Ensure the hole is wide open for thicker yarns and more closed for finer ones. In the video, we open it up completely.

Step 6: Securing the Adjustments Finally, after adjusting the hole to your preference, don’t forget to screw the screw from step one back on securely. This step ensures that your adjustments stay in place during tufting.