Adjust Pile Height & Reset Settings in Minutes

Warning: Adjusting a tufting machine, particularly when it comes to setting the pile height and ensuring all components work harmoniously, requires meticulous attention to detail and is not recommended for beginners. This process involves several critical adjustments that, if done incorrectly, could affect the machine’s performance. Proceed with caution and consider seeking professional assistance if you’re not confident in making these adjustments yourself.

Introduction In today’s tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to adjust the pile height on an AK Duo machine from the standard 14 mm to 15 mm. This guide also serves as a reference for resetting your machine to standard settings after any adjustments. A crucial point to remember is to avoid tampering with the yellow metal rods, as adjusting these does not contribute to the machine’s performance and could potentially cause damage.

Tools and Preliminary Steps You’ll need:

  • A bag of replacement parts (included with your machine)
  • Several Allen keys (also included)

Step 1: Scissor Opener Adjustment Begin by loosening the scissor opener with an Allen key. This part ensures the scissors reopen after cutting. Adjust it just enough so it’s movable but secure, preventing any parts from becoming loose or lost.

Step 2: Scissor Closer Adjustment Next, adjust the scissor closer, located at the top of the machine. This mechanism is responsible for closing the scissors upon contact with the needle. Loosen it slightly to allow movement for further adjustments.

Step 3: Adjusting the Gear for Pile Height To set the pile height to 15 mm, locate the large gear marked with numbers representing different pile heights. Completely remove the screw to free the gear, then align it to the 15 mm setting and re-secure.

Step 4: Gear Positioning Ensure the gear is positioned at what is referred to as 6:00 – meaning it’s as far back as possible. This positioning is vital for the correct operation of the machine.

Step 5: Finalizing Scissor Opener and Closer With the gear set, adjust the scissor opener to its furthest forward position until it impacts the scissor, ensuring it will open the scissor as needed. Similarly, adjust the scissor closer by manually closing the scissors to allow the metal part to fall into place and then secure it.

Step 6: Ensuring Proper Alignment Check the alignment of the machine by observing the two white blocks on the shaft. They should move away from each other, indicating correct alignment. If misaligned, loosen the top screw and the side metal part slightly, then adjust the top block to the correct position and tighten the screws.

Conclusion Adjusting your tufting machine for a specific pile height and ensuring all elements are correctly aligned requires careful attention to detail. Following these steps carefully can enhance your machine’s performance, ensuring precise and consistent tufting. Remember, these adjustments are delicate and can be challenging for those new to tufting machinery. Always prioritize safety and precision to maintain your machine’s longevity and operational efficiency.